Nadi Food IND.

Nadi Food Industries started its move with the attention to the infrastructure of growth and development of the food industry, along with the technology of the day in the world in Iran. The establishment of this collection, which began in the city of Lahijan, was originally set up in the early thirties. After several decades, Pakdaman brothers have gained structural independence in different productions. Hajj Farvardin Pakdaman Lahiji, as the founder of Nadi Food Industry, created Nadi's name. This name is now one of the well-known brands in Iran's food industry.



Nadi Food IND.

Thanks to the health-centered look, and with the backing of knowledge, advanced technology and experienced collaborators, we have opened up the heavens of the wings with the goal of giving the consumers a more beautiful experience.

Production lines for the NFI

Nine major product families are produced in NFI’s lines using German, Austrian and Iranian technologies. These product families are as follows:
  • Biscuits
  • Crackers
  • Chocolates
  • Chocorolls
  • Cookies
  • Cupcakes
  • Layer Cakes
  • Snacks
  • Wafers
Biscuits: German technology has enabled us to produce varieties of healthy PetitBeurre, Digestives, and fantastic biscuits. Unique tastes and variety in shape are available.
Crackers: Here fantasy and health are tied in the processing of creative crackers.
Chocolates: Our chocolates and chocobars are the small pleasure of life. Variety of toffee fillings and different tastes are provided in this category.
Chocorolls: We supply perfect chocoroll originated from Austrian HAAS technology. NFI also uses best ingredients.
filled or hollow chocorolls with a thin layer of chocolate create a desire to have it with traditional tea.
Cookies: Nadi is a famous brand in the production of cookies. So many customers, intra and international tourists love the tastes of this group of products. Several full automatic and one semi-automatic production line present many types of cookies in weight, shape, texture, taste, and color.
Cupcakes: Sweetness, fragrant and an angel›s kiss in spring: our cupcakes are really made of all these things! No one miss this unique experience.
Layer Cakes: Nice design and delicious taste in two or three layered cakes, with varieties of size and taste produced by fully automatic machines. Chocolate-covered layer cakes are very delicious.
Snacks: «We make a perfect surprise here!» This phrase has been written on the top of the NFI’s snack production line. Innovation in taste, design, color, and packaging shaped the distinguished products not produced before.
Wafers: Five production lines of the wafer have enable NFI to produce high quality wafer with a variety of tastes. Nice smells of snacks appetite everyone in the parties.
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خط تولید کراکر
خط تولید کراکر
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خط تولید مینی کوکی
خط تولید مینی کوکی
خط تولید کراکر
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